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After high school, he was left with no hope of joining University since its more expensive and these petty jobs could not do anything. But during His vacation, He meets an elderly German Gentleman called Reinhard who had travelled to Uganda for a holiday. In a few days they shared life experiences and Reinhard was so touched he promised to pay the University bills and school fees so that this founder adds a step forward in his life. Fortunately, Charles accomplishes his studies in 2016 as a graduate of Business Administration but sadly Reinhard gets no chance to enjoy the moments since they lost contact from each other and Charles doesn’t really know what happened to Him.
It’s from the above motivation that charles decides to come up with the idea of helping fellow orphans, through educating them with both formal and practical skills, help the elderly poor people in the community and those in need with medication, food, and proper housing.



Reinhard foundation follows a sad story that the founder went through after the death of his parents due to HIV/AIDS. His dad passed on when he was only two years in 1995 then the mother died when charles was only 7 years in 2000. He went through many hardships while growing up including slashing people’s compounds, washing hips of clothes using hands, serving in local hotels Just to keep in school for a better future to him and those who go through the same as he went through.

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Our Mission:

''To promote human security in terms of skills, education, health, food, rights, and the environment conservation through efficient provision of quality services to the people in confirmally with the local principles.''

Our Goals:

  • To ensure sufficient sustainable socially and economic development through active satisfaction of all youths in skills development for self-sustainability.

  • Becoming the greatest inspiration center for charity and skills.

  • To empower the youths for a brighter feature.

Our Causes

We have organised different causes for the beneficiaries

Raised: 00 Goal: 000

Covid 19 Crisis

Five years now since we started the active movement as Reinhard Foundation. This was idealized by one of our Founders in 2015 that went through a tough time while he was growing up as a total orphan from the age of Seven years. Having lived in a society w

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Raised: 0€ Goal: 1000€

The old,Needy and Disabled.

We provide Neccessities to the Needy/Disabled/old and all those that have failed to acquire themselves basic needs.

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Raised: 0€ Goal: 1000€

Education for all sexes;

Educating and helping the orphans without gender limits

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We strongly handle our organisation following the United Nations SDGs




50 +

Revived Lives

500 €


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